TGIF Thursdays

Thank God it’s Friday…wait, I mean Thursday.

The work week here in Kurdistan (and many other primarily Muslim societies) is from Sunday to Thursday, and the weekend is Friday and Saturday. According to my boss, the Muslims’ slap in the face to Christians. Heh.

I still operate on the normal my normal M-F work schedule, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I realize I don’t have to go to work on Friday. Of course that means I’m unpleasantly surprised when it’s Sunday morning and I have to be up at 6.30 to go to work, since in my mind the weekend starts on Saturday. Friday is a non-day, or a 24-hr jammie time. I guess it’s really not too different than the schedule I had in college, since the weekend started on Thursday night as well. Like all lazy college students, I made it a point to never have Friday classes. Gospel choir at 3pm doesn’t count. Anyway, the college weekend would start on Thursday night and effectively end Sunday afternoon, after you’ve sufficiently nursed the hangover from Saturday night and realized how much work you had to do before Monday morning classes. And then spend the next 12 hours thinking about how much of an asshole you are to yourself, and maybe doing some homework. Well, thank baby buddah that stage of my life is over.

So. It’s Thursday (Friday) night in Kurdistan. PARTY?!?!

Ha, ha. That’s funny.

Bars in Kurdistan may refer to the bars you have on your windows…aaand that’s about it. The big cities (Erbil and Sulaymanya) do have their share of pubs – I hear the Christian neighborhood of Erbil is where the party’s at (the Christians know what’s up). Here in Ranya, our options are the roof or the garden of our house. We had quite the parties last weekend in the garden – a fancy candlelit dinner party, shisha, and wine-fuelled dancing around to early 2000s-hiphop and weird music like minimalist electro or techno or whatever it’s called. Oh, and we even set about making our own wine today. Expect photos soon.

During the days, we’ve gone fishing (well, swimming) in Lake Dukan, and two other unidentified places… had lunch with a few PKK guerrillas (separate post on this as soon as I figure out what I can/should say about this!)… carried out a few culinary experiments… watched the sun set from the top of a mountain (while drinking and eating, of course)… during that same trip actually, saw/heard Turkish jets bomb Qandil, the PKK stronghold (that shit crayyy)… gone shopping… read a couple of really good books… so overall, these weekends in Kurdistan haven’t been too shabby. Of course, there have been weekends where I’ve been bored OUT OF MY MIND, and suffered from a particularly bad case of cabin fever. Because there really isn’t that much to do here. But I’m trying to be more positive, so instead I’ll say I now have more time to work on all the projects and read all the books that I had been meaning to but never had the time motivation to do. Now, the motivation is that if I don’t do something, I’ll probably go insane. Anyway, just a sneak peek at the weekend posts to come. Must get to bed early today, because tomorrow is Eid and I’ve been invited to a big family breakfast. Which, I’d like to add, is at 7am – who eats a gigantic meal of rice, meat, and who knows what, at 7am?! Me, apparently.

Eid Mubarak, everyone. Here’s to getting a week off from school! Whoo!


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