New Old Shoes! A Great Find Thrifting in a Kurdish Bazaar

I found the cutest pair of shoes at a secondhand market in Ranya for $4.

They’re almost my size, and only pinch my toes a tiny bit! Sometimes you just have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Ha, I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting to this.

Croc leather oxfords with a stacked heel. Makes my heart flutter

The secondhand bazaar in Ranya is where the unwanted donations at thrift stores, charity shops, and the Salvation Army/Goodwills of America end up (see this Slate article on textile waste in America). At least that’s what I’m thinking, since a lot of the brands are American and surprisingly, Korean. It makes you think how wasteful and consumerist American and Korean societies are, when there is too much donated clothing to be absorbed domestically. And so secondhand clothes are exported to Africa, and seemingly Iraq. Reminder to self: change my patterns of consumption.

In the meantime… how can I say no to a $4 pair of beautiful shoes?


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