The Last Vestiges of Fall. Or, Yet Another Hiking Trip to a Ridiculously Beautiful Place

Is this my transformation into an outdoorsy kinda girl? Can this be?!

Stopping to take photos while the rest of the group wonders why I’ve fallen behind, again.

I’ve always liked the idea of being an outdoorsy person, going hiking through beautiful scenery, communing with nature, and enjoying good wholesome fun. Mountain biking, rock climbing, and all those other outdoorsy activities – it all seems so cool. Then I snap out of this romantic daydream and realize exactly why I’ll never be an outdoorsy kinda gal – the bugs, heat, physical exertion…

And yet… there really isn’t much to do in Ranya on the weekends besides go hiking. Every time I go on a hike I swear it’s my last one, and still get suckered into going again the next weekend. This particular trip was a few weeks ago, to a mountain range half an hour from Ranya. Can’t tell you the name, mainly because they all start to sound the same to me. Note to self – have someone write down all the names of the places we’ve visited so I don’t have to refer to them as “baby mountain” or “that one really beautiful place”.

Anyway, it’s pretty much winter now, but on our hike we managed to catch the last of the fall foliage. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

But my favorite part was probably our numerous tea/snack breaks. The fresh figs and pomegranates were aaamazing.

Alright nature, I guess you’re pretty cool.


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