Oh Hey Internet, Where Have You Been All My Life?

…by which I mean, oh hey there Internet, I thought we were just taking a quick break – how did it turn into a two month-long separation?

And I mean more than just this sorry, neglected blog – I’ve been neglecting the entire Internet for the last two months (with the exception of obligatory Gmail checks every few days). How is this possible, you say? Not possible, you say.

Even I would say it’s not possible given my predilection for blogs (and sometimes blogging), Pinterest, K-dramas, Wikipedia blackholes, and other general ways of wasting time on the interwebs, and yet here we are.

The 3 weeks I spent at home in Kenya, 2 weeks in Nairobi and 1 week at the coast on Diani Beach, was a period of welcomed Internet blackout. Lounging in the hot, hot African sun with a cold drink in one hand and the latest Vanity Fair in the other (high brow novel abandoned by the side of my sunchair) > being glued to the screen reminding myself of obligations, work responsibilities, bombs dropping, children dying, natural disasters, people being assfaces, and all those other terrible things. It’s nice to escape sometimes, and I particularly felt like I needed an escape after the first few months of working in Kurdistan. Being back home in Nairobi was the perfect setting to escape reality.

Diani Beach

Feeding giraffes, feeding myself Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean food all day every day, playing the part of a sunworshipper like my life depended on it, reconnecting with old friends and getting up to the same old shenanigans, and other general tomfoolery. Take me back to the good times, please.


So, an annual Internet blackout is pretty normal around Christmas time, where I’m too busy doing fun things to be doing not-so-fun things online. And when I get back to wherever I go back to in January, it’s time to binge.

Except this time, I went back to Ranya. Where,

1). Apparently only 5 different devices can access wifi at a time. With 11 people living in the house, it’s a crapshoot whether you’ll have Internet that day or not. Or, if someone is generous enough to stop their online faffing and Facebooking to let you do the same. Usually it’s just whoever gets home first.

2). We’ve spent the last month in a constant battle trying to figure out things at work. I’d say constantly working, but really we’ve just been constantly talking about work.

3). There’s a new communal vibe in the house which means we’re always hanging out. It’s been really nice, but it also leaves no time to myself other than to sleep. And while I probably should be embarrassed to admit that not having time to myself means not having time on the Internet… it’s true, so why bother be embarrassed?

Anyhow, I Internet-binged last night, and realized how much of the world I was missing. In Kurdistan, it’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and ignore the rest of the world. The lack of advertising and media bombardment (conveniently facilitated by a language barrier) means that Lunar New Year, Carnival, NYFW (now London), Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day  – admittedly events unconnected with Kurdistan but of pretty superficial interest to me – and everything else current affairs-y going on in the world just fly right over my head.

To counteract the danger of becoming terribly boring, not to mention willfully uninformed and ignorant, I gladly throw myself into the open arms of the Internet and welcome the spiraling black hole of multi-tabbed browsing. Not to be dramatic or anything.

All this to say, kids, I’m baaaaack.

Look forward to the Kurdish editions of Carnival, Chinese/Korean New Years, and Valentine’s Galentine’s.


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