Ruste in the Summer, Glorious as Ever

This is the third Ruste (pronounced Rus-tay) post on this blog, and if I seem biased towards the place, it’s true. I can’t help it. It really is the most beautiful place I’ve been to in Kurdistan – possible anywhere, with the exception of the Kenyan coast – whether in the fall, winter, or summer. The mountain air is a welcome respite from the deadly (and I mean DEADLY) heat in Ranya, and Rezhiar’s family, our hosts in Ruste, are such wonderful people. We spent another weekend walking in the mountains, playing with precocious little people, and eating delicious home-grown food. Oh, and trying our hand at old-school farming with yoke and oxen. Well, when I say “trying our hand” I really mean Rezhiar and Lina did, farming’s not really my thing, but it really is an idyllic place, perfect to get away to.

DSCF4127 DSCF4143

DSCF4175 DSCF4181 DSCF4185 DSCF4189 DSCF4193 DSCF4224 DSCF4226 DSCF4227 DSCF4229 DSCF4230 DSCF4237 DSCF4241 DSCF4251 DSCF4255 DSCF4264 DSCF4265 DSCF4268 DSCF4270 DSCF4275 DSCF4277 DSCF4296


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