Hello, world!

It’s opener out there, in the wide, open sky.

Over the past few years I’ve developed a convenient little soundbite for my story: a Korean-American who grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and now working in Iraqi Kurdistan. Proud Rosslyn Eagle, Tufts Jumbo, and LSE…Beaver? (Apparently the beaver is the mascot. It’s no wonder we don’t use it very often). I have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Tufts and LSE in International Relations, Political Science, and Conflict Studies, but no real-life skills – I can’t change a tire, wire a plug, or start a fire, or build robots like those engineer types. Still, you may address me as Master Kim.

I’m a born expat. I love to travel, but really I love to have different places to call home. So far, home has meant: 14 years in Kenya, 4 years in Boston, 2 years in London, 1 year in New York, 1 year in Hawaii, 1 year in North Carolina, summers in Seoul, a couple months in Paris, and this past year in Kurdistan. Oh snap. Now I’ve told you how old I am. Not very. I’m just a twentysomething trying to figure out the best way to be.

I’m not really a writer, or that much of a photographer – though I have written some pretty awesome 10,000 treatises on disarmament in eastern Uganda and the like. I suppose I’m aspiring to be a bit of both now, in an attempt to document my journeys. I encounter so many beautiful people, places, and things while traveling and on a daily basis, that I decided it’d be nice to share them. So this blog isn’t just about travel; it’s also going to be about the beautiful (and unfortunately  not-so-beautiful) things in our day to day lives. Here goes, yalla!



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  1. Hi Yein, your story is really fascinating, having traveled to so many different countries at such a young age. I run my own blog (twentiesblog.wordpress.com) where people in their twenties share stories about what they’ve been doing post-graduation, and I’d like to know if you could contribute by writing a profile of yourself and your adventures. Please reply to twentiesblogger@gmail.com if you’re interested.

    • Thanks David! Sounds like a really cool thing the community has started. I’ll definitely be passing it along to other young bloggers. I’d also like to write a profile, I’ll be in touch in the next few days with something more substantial!

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