Kaleidoscope Journey


kalos, “beautiful, beauty”

eidos, “that which is seen: form, shape”

skopeō, “to look to, to examine”

hence, “observer of beautiful forms

The idea for Kaleidoscope Journey was born while my lifelong travel buddy and I were sitting on a bench overlooking the cliffs of Sorrento, Italia. We were on holiday, ostensibly a spring break odyssey – if penniless grad students and freelance graphic designers are allowed such things (obviously). Out of the many things we do have in common, there are two that stand out (and really they’re one and the same). The first is growing up without the sense of geographic ‘placeness’ of home, and the second is an incurable wanderlust. For us, home always meant wherever our family was, whether that was Kenya, Ethiopia, Seoul, Boston, Atlanta, or New York. Given the frequent uprootings and moving entire lives from one continent to another, we quickly became good at calling new places ‘home’ and making it our own. The same goes for friends. Home is also where good people are, and though it was devastating to have best friends leave every year (or for us to leave best friends), we always knew that we would see each other again. And that good people will come along. The wanderlust comes from this kind of upbringing, of never being satisfied with staying in one place – not because that place isn’t ‘good enough’, but because there are so many places still left to see, experience, and live.

Kaleidoscope Journey is an attempt to document and share the lives of twentysomethings, prone to wander as we search for the perfect place to call home. And in the meantime, we travel, observing one beautiful form at a time. We already have a potential cover for this book we’re supposedly writing together, but that’s about it. The actual form this documentation will take is still a nebulous thought floating around in our minds, but we’ll figure it out. For now, much credit to Koheun for the title and creative inputs, and hopefully this blog is just the beginning.

Starting on the stone-tiled streets of Sorrento


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